Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Is there a second a chance?

For us to continue the romance

The time we spend together

Is it really over?

I remember the time

The moments you are mine

In gladness and pain we share

We both know that we care

I thought it was forever

Coz you gave me much laughter

But now it is all done

But my feelings isn’t gone

You are one of my treasure

Handling you is a pleasure

But if you’ll back again

I wish it will not end

Is there a second chance?

Even though just a glance

To lessen the pain I feel

You’re the only that can heal

Is this only a dream?

But you can make it real

Chance that could make me happy

To satisfy you & me

Para sa dummy paper namin yan no! It's not really about my life why I wrote this poem. I don't even know howIi was able to make a poem like this... lolx! haha hope you like it =)


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